It’s widely accepted that Victoria Park is a gastronomic haven – but for a frugal foodie, it’s heaven. These four dishes – from stacked sandwiches to meat and rice combos and hand-pulled noodles with free refills – are delicious, filling and leave you with change from $20.

Two-meat combination with rice from Good Fortune Roast Duck House – $14.00

For a hearty lunch, it’s hard to walk past the glistening rows of roast ducks hanging in the window of Good Fortune Roast Duck House. You can get the duck together with your choice of either barbequed pork, roast pork, herbal chicken or chicken wings laid on a generous bed of steamed rice. The best bite comes from the sauce from the meat that has soaked into your rice, leaving each grain coated with the rich, delicious fat that’s synonymous with any good roast. It’s simple, no-fuss food.

Ayam penyet from Ria Ayam Penyet – $15.90

For $15.90 the titular dish on Ria Ayam Penyet’s menu is hot, hot, hot. The ayam penyet (which roughly translates to “pressed” or “squeezed” chicken) comes with golden-brown chicken, cubes of tofu and tempeh and a fermented soybean cube with a nutty-savoury taste. Run your fork across the chicken and hear it crackle. Plunge your fork into the tofu and watch as it simmers when you dip it into the sambal. The resulting spicy burn across your tongue is unmatched. Bonus: add an egg to your meal and you’ll still have change from $20.

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Signature handmade beef noodle soup from Qin’s Lanzhou Beef Noodle – $16.90 with a free refill

While you’re spoiled for choice for noodles in Victoria Park, it’s hard to go past Qin’s Lanzhou Beef Noodle House’s signature handmade beef noodle soup. Handmade noodles pulled to your desired thickness (from thin to extra wide lasagne sheet-like noodles) swimming in a deep broth with slices of beef, a hint of chilli and some radish. For $16.90 with a free noodle refill per bowl, it’s guaranteed to satisfy any cravings.

Sandwich rolls with fresh handmade cheese from La Delizia Latticini – various

When you hear La Delizia Latticini you instantly think mozzarella, burrata, and stracciatella which is made on-site. And if watching the cheese churning in the “cheese lab” has gotten the appetite going, head around to the shop window and pick up a freshly made roll with house-made cheese for under $20. While there’s plenty of rotation, the caprese and the coppa with rocket, coppa, tomato, mozzarella and marinated artichoke are hard to miss.