A cafe that sells coffee, jaffles and single-speed bikes? It’s a thing.

“It's not a new idea,” says Aaron Walsh of Get Ya Fix, the cafe-slash-bike-shop concept store he co-owns with Kevin O’Sullivan. “It's done very well in London, Belgium, Amsterdam, the US and Japan, plus there’s a couple on the east coast of Australia. If it works well elsewhere in the world, why not Perth?”

Found on the Perth-Highgate border, Get Ya Fix’s inconspicuous shopfront blends seamlessly into the industrial buildings around it: look for the chalkboard offering a witty pearl of wisdom each day. The sparse interiors are just as understated, with a couple of chairs and a communal table among the sleek fixies and cycling paraphernalia.

That wit carries through to the food. Even the jaffles have cute names – Nicey Spicey, anyone? The menu changes regularly, not least because the owners enjoy experimenting (O’Sullivan: “You can pretty much turn any lunch or dinner idea into a jaffle”). Despite this adventurous streak, it’s The Standard – a combination of ham, cheese and tomato – that has proven to be the most popular jaffle to date. All toasted sandwiches come served with a side of corn chips and pickles.

Get Ya Fix supports its neighbours whenever possible. Coffees are brewed using locally roasted Twin Peaks beans. The desserts and muffins are baked by Lena Lu and Mummas Sweet Lies. Local artists were commissioned to decorate and paint the walls. Regulars frequently drop by to chat. Seasoned riders coming in to discuss all things cycling-related.

“Being a small business ourselves, we are always looking to work with other, local small businesses,” says Walsh. “We want to help each other become more successful, and hopefully grow together.”

Get Ya Fix
1/471 William Street, Northbridge
(08) 9227 6525

Tue to Fri 7am–3pm
Sat & Sun 8am–5pm