Fun, playful, modern Mexican: that’s the credo at La Vida Urbana, the new Leederville cafe from Perth’s favourite destination for cocina Mexicana, El Publico.

On paper, La Vida Urbana (“the urban life”) has much in common with its free-wheeling, high-energy mothership, starting with the presence of some key staff. Gianfranco Monti, El Publico’s long-serving venue manager, will move into a general manager role between both venues, while head chef Tommy Payne will oversee the food at both: just don’t come to La Vida Urbana expecting a carbon copy of the original.

“It’s still Tommy’s modern interpretation of Mexican food with a couple of staples from El Publico, but we want to La Vida Urbana to be its own place,” says Monti. “We’re offering more breakfast-y and daytime stuff as well as different kinds of tacos. We’re mixing it up a little bit.”

So while Monti says El Pubs’ street corn, tequila-heavy back bar and focus on customer service will make the trip from Beaufort Street to Leederville, guests can also look forward to new additions such as Mexican-style eggs enriched with chorizo and bacon-and-egg tacos. El Publico’s Monday-only DF (“Distrito Federal”: the former Spanish name for Mexico City) burger, meanwhile, will become a permanent menu fixture.

Like the original, La Vida Urbana will open seven days, although it will initially open for breakfast and lunch with dinner services to follow. In addition to being a more streamlined space than El Publico, La Vida Urbana will also be able to welcome more guests and boasts a capacity for 125 diners. The dining, however, is optional with guests welcome to drop in just to have a drink.

La Vida Urbana opens in mid-September.

La Vida Urbana
Shop 1/228 Carr Place, Leederville

Daily 7:30am – 4pm