Prone to having too good a time on Friday and Saturday nights? El Publico’s new weekend brunch might just be your new favourite meal of the week.

“It’s pretty much about fixing your hangover,” says El Publico venue manager, Gianfranco Monti. “Spice, colour and flavour: that’s what Mexican food is all about in the mornings. We’re basically jump-starting your day.”

For those familiar with – and fond of – El Publico’s fun take on Mexican eating and drinking, there’s much to like on the menu. Chilaquiles, pieces of corn tortilla in a green tomatillo salsa with cheese and a fried egg, is straight out of the Mexican breakfast-brunch playbook, ditto the huevos rancheros (fried eggs on a soft-fried tortilla base).

The torta ahogada, a crusty roll stuffed with carnitas (slow cooked pork) and splashed with arbol chilli salsa, reads like the Mexican breakfast sandwich of our dreams, while scrambled eggs are bolstered with chorizo and pico de gallo, the country’s beloved tomato, onion and chilli salsa.

To drink, expect fresh juices (apple and orange) alongside Mexican coffee spiked with cinnamon and sweetened with raw brown sugar: you can also enjoy the latter served with churros, Spain’s famous fried strips of dough dusted with cinnamon-sugar. Booze, not surprisingly, is also available. Among the AM pick-me-ups on offer: the Ojo Rojo (“red eye” in Spanish), a Mexican-Canadian mash-up starring clamato juice, beer and a fresh shucked oyster, and the Good Morning Maria, a Bloody Mary made with – among other things – sangrita, celery seeds and that distinctly Mexican herb, epazote. And tequila. Don’t forget the tequila, plus the mescal, raicilla and the rest of the cantina’s staggering liquor cabinet.

“We’re all about agave and agave goodness,” says Monti. “Brunch is our chance to encourage some responsible daytime drinking.”

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