“This one was a lot of fun,” says Nick d'Espeissis, head brewer at Eagle Bay Brewing Co.

Together with regular collaborator Mane Liquor and the Mary Street Bakery team, d'Espeissis is getting ready to unveil the brewery’s winter release, Donut Attack. As the name suggests, the not-so-secret ingredient is one of Mary Street’s signature items.

“Mary Street Bakery brought us down 150 doughnuts, which we split across two different mashes, along with some extra cinnamon quills to add to the taste,” says d'Espeissis. “The process meant we could use the starch in the doughnuts as part of the ferment. Some of the ingredients might have found their way into the brewing team’s bellies at some point as well. Definitely a great experience.”

The special edition “imperial doughnut stout” is described as having doughy characteristics balanced with sweet notes and will be available on tap as well as in a limited amount of 640ml bottles.

This release is the fourth time that Eagle Bay Brewing Co has joined forces with Mane Liquor and WA artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers whose artwork features on the bottles as well as the limited-edition tote bag being offered as part of the release.

The beer will be launched at Eagle Bay Brewing Co (Friday July 20; from 11am) in Yallingup with additional releases to be held at Mane Liquor (Friday July 20; 4pm-7pm) and Tiny’s Liquor Emporium (Monday July 23; 5pm-8pm). One keg of Donut Attack will be kegged at each event with drinkers receiving a free Mary Street Bakery cinnamon doughnut with each beer purchased. A limited amount of bottled Donut Attack and tote bags will also be available at each event.