When Giselle Sim left her accounting job in Sydney to move to Perth with her now-husband Harold Bong, she found herself with time on her hands. A keen, self-taught baker, she decided to focus on her long-time love: croissants.

It proved a good decision: when the couple opened their slick croissanterie Croff Bakehouse in January last year, not even a pandemic or national shutdown could deter customers from flocking to get their hands on the inspired creations (alongside classic options you’ll find a beef-rendang croissant, a taro-boba danish and black-sesame-filled croissant topped with sesame cream, black sesame tuile and salted egg yolk crumbs).

“In a way it’s been a blessing in disguise,” Bong told Broadsheet last year. “We did quite well during the transition period. This was a time when we could show off what we’ve got.”

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Now they’re opening venue number two in July in the CBD’s Raine Square precinct. Details are still scant, so keep an eye on Broadsheet for more information.

Sim and Bong recently introduced a new menu item: croffles, a croissant-waffle hybrid, which will be available at the new site. It's available in flavours such as chocolate, matcha and Earl Grey, plus a savoury version with Korean fried chicken. It’s also worth checking out the “croissant loaf” – a fluffy, airy ham-and-cheese croissant-sandwich hybrid.

Croff Bakehouse will open in Raine Square in July.