Nic & Kolo. Tiisch. Henry on Eighth. As far as new cafe openings go, it’s been a busy two weeks for the city’s latte-spotters. Over on Beaufort Street, the welcome mat is being unfurled for Blacksmith Perth, sister cafe to Blacksmith’s existing Sydney sites in Surry Hills and Mona Vale.

Constructed over 10 months in a former veterinary clinic, the cafe has a distinctly industrial feel. All of the furniture has been built from recycled metal, steel and copper.

While the predictable menu and house-baked breads and pastries keep hunger at bay, you’re ultimately here for the coffee. The custom-made, hand-built Spirit coffee machine dominates the counter and is fuelled by beans from Toby’s Estate, including the roaster’s Woolloomooloo and Black Swan blends. It’s only the second machine of its kind in the world.

“Around 30 to 40 per cent of what we do is focused on coffee,” says manager Hunter Hess. “We rotate our single origins every three to four days, and offer V60 pour-over, Kalita Wave and Chemex. We didn’t anticipate customers ordering Chemex in our first few days, but it’s gone well so far.”

While Blacksmith is something of a wonderland for coffee geeks, the cafe is well equipped to look after the entire family. The substantial outdoor seating area behind the cafe includes a sandpit and playroom to keep kids occupied, and Hess estimates that more than half the customers through the door have been families. Road warriors should BYO noise-cancelling headphones.

Blacksmith Perth
460 Beaufort Street, Highgate
(08) 6113 8684 Hours
Mon to Sun 7.30am–3.30pm