No couple is always in synch. Every duo – friends, lovers, siblings, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen – has a hobby that favours one. You like pillow embroidery, they like non-competitive table-top gaming. They’re into lavish tropical hotels, active gear and rare Italian sausages, you’re more a line-dancing, esoteric beers and truffle-dust type. But despite your differences you still dig hanging out. But where to go?

Here’s our guide to six date spots that suit the attraction of opposites.

You’re a land-lubber, they’re into treats from the deep

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For some the sea is a second home. For others, dry land is a comfort blanket. If you’ve found yourself in a relationship straddling the two, Mosman Park bar Rodney’s Bait n Tackle will sate both desires.

The place is a sensory overload; a nautical-themed pub made from salvaged, repurposed and restored fishing materials. Antiques, artwork and vintage memorabilia cover every inch of the eclectic water hole. The simple menu isn’t exclusively seafood, so there’s no need to worry about getting scurvy. Grab a cheese plate to share, a beer or cocktail, some fish tacos or pizza, and see how many ocean-themed gags you can muster.

You’re a sweet tooth, they’re a cocktail nerd

“Dessert?” asks the waiter. “Yes, please” you say. “Does it come in a drink?” says your date. Measure Dessert Bar is the singular place to satisfy such sweet debate.

The new dessert bar in Mt Lawley is a well-equipped, dimly lit bar offering a long list of a la carte desserts to impress any party of two despite their post-dinner preferences. We’re talking Earl Grey milk-chocolate mousse with Darjeeling panna cotta, or the Mont Blanc chestnut cake with blackberry compote and meringue shards. The more liquid-inclined can watch over the likes of a Lychee Chambord Martini, or perhaps join in with their Summer Solstice Cocktail designed to be paired with the yuzu brulee with matcha gelato. Decisions are hard.

You’re a science nerd, they’re a child at heart

Scitech in West Perth might be best known as an interactive museum geared towards families, but in recent times they’ve upped the ante. Its After Dark events are catered to adults of all stripes and make a weird and wonderful experience for two.

Previous events have covered Cyborgs and Robots, Awkward Animals, and Bionics, Beer and Biotechs. Think demonstrations, narrations, interactivity, dissections, and awe-inspiring displays. There’s also a bar to lighten the mood, and costumes are encouraged, but a night of observations and experiments should keep even the most skeptical entertained.

You love to travel, they don’t

Some folks yearn for a life of travel, while others require creature comforts to feel grounded. In case your compass is always at the ready and theirs has never seen the light of day, an excellent compromise is the stay-cation.

Tribe Hotel in the CBD is the kind of sleek, contemporary-designed getaway that makes you feel like you could be in any metropolis in the world.

The common area-lobby is a chic, futuristic space where you can drink, eat, mingle and peruse an endless array of coffee table books. The extrovert can help themselves in the open-plan kitchen and strike up a conversation with fellow travellers, while the introvert will be drawn to the elegant rooms and free in-room movie selection. And if you need to stretch your legs, get some fresh air just a stone’s throw away in Kings Park.

You’re a vego, they wouldn’t be caught dead in a health food store

The Hummus Club in Northbridge caters to all-comers, be they vegan, vego, or carnivore. It makes the partly crowd-funded, modern Middle Eastern restaurant a perfect destination for anyone in the relationship who doesn’t usually equate “health food” with delicious.

Drag them in and order the Arak – an aniseed, customary shot poured over ice – as a starter, then follow it with any of the flavour-rich dishes that should certainly appeal to both parties. The falafels, batata and lamb kefta are all popular choices.

You’re into classical music, they are not

The likes of Mozart are an acquired taste. But then so is Nirvana. No matter which musical palate resonates with you and your date, Perth Symphony Orchestra may hold the key.

The orchestra is breaking tradition with the classics and bringing popular music to the fore. PSO recently performed hits by the late George Michael, and has even paid testament to Elvis Presley’s iconic career. It’s also behind some interesting cultural fusions like Beethoven, Beer, Bratwurst (and Björk!). Perhaps the newly announced Unplugged: Nirvana Reimagined, happening on October 7, will suit any two.

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