There’s more than a passing resemblance between Grain Bakery Shenton Park and the original Grain Bakery in Lathlain. There’s the space’s duotone, pick-up-sticks-inspired aesthetic courtesy of Motivo Design Studio. There’s the bakery’s diverse output that covers everything from classic Australiana to new-school creations. There’s also the warm presence of bakery manager Annalyce Pallot, a familiar face to anyone who has lined up at Lathlain Place to buy doughnuts, cheese sticks, jalapeno croissants, coffee et al. In short, venue number two for the Grain Bakery crew will very much be a case of not fixing what isn’t broke.

“Lathlain went off,” says Brendan Stone, Grain’s production manager and an industry veteran whose CV includes time at Mary Street Bakery and Miller & Baker.

Shane Pallot, the patriarch of the Pallot family who is the owner of Grain, shares Stone’s enthusiasm. When it came to finding a suitable site for another Grain, his wish list closely mirrored what was on offer at Grain’s original location.

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“[Lathlain] is such a community area,” says Pallot, a fourth-generation baker who has owned bakeries throughout WA. “There’s a school, there’s a park, we’ve got the [West Coast] Eagles around the corner and all the regular customers are amazing. When we were looking for somewhere else to open, those were the things we were looking for and what we wanted to build the concept on.”

Despite the shared DNA between the two stores, Shenton Park isn’t a carbon copy of Lathlain. For starters, the new shop is bigger than its predecessor. In tangible terms, taking over the former Raisin’ Bakery on Onslow Road has translated to a bigger bakery for Stone and crew to work in, plus outdoor seating. These two attractions come together in a custom-built bench and viewing window that allows guests to watch the bakers as they shape loaves, roll croissants and do their thing.

As mentioned earlier, the range will feature a mix of harder-to-find classics – horseshoe rolls, high-top loaves – as well as sourdough and newer pastry creations. Among the new items Stone is excited about unveiling: a Reuben-inspired pain Suisse, pastries filled with pecorino and ‘nduja paste, and danishes freighting mushrooms, XO sauce and pine nuts. The ham and cheese croissant will be remade using champagne leg ham and gruyere cheese, while an expanded sandwich counter suggests that the Pallots are expecting to be busy around lunchtime.

Stone is equally excited about continuing to work alongside Tameka Carmichael, Grain’s new pastry chef who joined the team in May. Prior to being a head pastry chef for six years in a Sunshine Coast bakery, Carmichael sharpened her skills in London where she dabbled in everything from Turkish bread to high-end cupcakes.

Shenton Park customers will also be able to order via a dedicated takeaway window, although the window will largely be used for coffee orders. Speaking of caffeine, the bakery will celebrate its opening with one-dollar coffees over opening weekend.

Grain Shenton Park opens on Thursday October 19.

Grain Shenton Park
4A/155 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park

Tue to Fri 6am–3pm
Sat 6am–1pm
Sun 7am–1pm