Step away from the online shopping cart: that’s the message from Oli Callisto, owner of the new Pitz in Leederville. Previously a specialist bodyboarding store, Pitz has recently added vintage fashion to its CV.

“There’s a huge demand for this kind of fashion and it isn’t being catered to people in Perth,” says Callisto. “A massive part of us opening was the fact that there was a huge gap in the market. Being able to pick up and feel a product before buying it is a huge advantage for us.”

But don’t come expecting racks of oversized jackets and high-waisted women’s jeans. The carefully vetted collection includes brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and Nike alongside classic surf labels Rip Curl and Billabong. While the store’s opening stock was purchased from London and Los Angeles, Callisto encourages locals to bring in unwanted garments to sell and trade.

“It allows people to exchange their favourite vintage items that they don’t wear for something they will,” he says. “Currently I get most excited when I find something by Guess Jeans from the ’80s and ’90s while Georges Marciano was doing the designing.”

Preloved clothing and accessories will be sold alongside new pieces from skate brands Supreme (US) and Palace (UK). Wetsuits, fins, boards and other bodyboarding equipment are also available.

663 Newcastle Street, Leederville (08) 9228 1615

Tue to Fri 10am–5pm Sat to Sun 10am–4pm