Van Gogh Alive

Fri 27th May, 2022 – Sun 3rd July, 2022
Supreme Court Gardens
Price: From $39
The immersive, multi-sensory art experience turns the life and works of the post-impressionist master into a larger-than-life experience involving large-scale projections, an ambient soundscape, dazzling lighting and even piped aromas.

Highly anticipated art experience Van Gogh Alive, a multi-sensory tribute to one of the most famous figures in Western art, is coming to Perth this autumn.

The internationally acclaimed show brings Van Gogh’s post-impressionist masterpieces to life – using light, sound and fragrance – in a specially designed and constructed immersive gallery that will pop up at Supreme Court Gardens from May 27.

The digital gallery will feature more than 3000 images plus a series of immersive spaces created by Australian designer Anna Cordingley, including a recreation of the Dutch artist’s famous painting Cafe Terrace at Night; the Sunflower infinity room, where you can stand in a seemingly never-ending field of sunflowers; and a world-first recreation of the artist’s iconic Starry Night, which allows visitors to walk “on air” through the famous painting.

The larger-than-life works will be accompanied by a musical score and light projections to give you the sense you’re walking into the paintings. As well as cinema-quality surround sound and dazzling lighting, fragrance is piped into the space to further transport you.

“There’s so much build-up and impact and three-dimensionality in [Van Gogh's] works that when you get close to them, which you can’t very often, they’re really sumptuous. They take you somewhere," Cordingley told Broadsheet last year.

“It’s really transporting, and it’s just the right time to be uplifted. There’s a time when art should be challenging, but that might be when we’re, as a society, in a safe place – whereas when we’re in a place that’s already challenging, we need to have some escapism and something beautiful to immersive ourselves in. And that’s now.”

Van Gogh Alive has already toured the world, making appearances in Beijing, Athens, Rome, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and more. Tickets to the Perth season are on sale from Thursday April 7.

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