Future Cities

Tue 8th November, 2022
5:30pm – 6:30pm
Price: $35
Waste-to-plate dining? Food cooked in molten lava? Robot smoothie stations?

Call it a once in a lifetime disruption. But post-pandemic, the conversation about what the future of our cities will look like has shifted. From a resurgence of smart, social and sustainable principles, to a more innate urge to stay connected.

That’s the thrust of a new research presentation by SOON Future Studies and Broadsheet. Returning for the second year, the annual presentation will explore how technology, environmental concerns and shifting human values are reshaping the cities of our future.

Dubbed “Eat, Play, Love”, the report’s findings will be presented by Broadsheet publisher and director Nick Shelton, SOON co-founder and CEO Andrew Mackinnon, and SOON co-founder and Global Futures director Sarah Owen, along with the SOON and Broadsheet teams.