Flight and Coma by Darkfield

Thu 20th May, 2021 – Sun 20th June, 2021
Perth Cultural Centre
Corner of Francis Street and William Street, Northbridge
Price: From $22.50
The two frightening multi-sensory experiences (housed in pitch-black shipping containers) return to Perth. Take an unnerving, turbulent flight 30,000 feet in the air, or lie down and slip into an eerie dream state – can you tell fiction from reality?

Immersive-theatre production company Darkfield from the UK and Australian counterpart Realscape Productions are bringing two of its most frightening sensory-deprivation experiences back to Perth for a limited time.

Flight and Coma were both showing at Fringe World in January, but the season was cut short due to a snap-lockdown. Now they've returned to pick up where they last left off.

Flight takes place in complete darkness and inside a shipping container. But this time the creators tap into a universal fear: being 30,000 feet above ground and powerless.

For the audience, that fear is amplified by sensory deprivation (the cabin is plunged into total darkness) and binaural sound recordings (3D audio transmitted directly to each audience member). Throughout the flight unnerving creaks, whispers, sounds of children crying and phones ringing play out on the periphery. With the absence of visuals these sounds take on lives of their own, and audience members are never sure of what they’re experiencing for real.

It's a similar experience for Coma, but with a different set-up. Wary punters enter a pitch-black container, where darkness leads the mind to confusion, and even persuasion.

Audience members are given their own bunk beds and asked to consume a small pill. The lights go out and the next half-hour makes clever use of the other senses – sound, smell and taste – to stretch the mind and allow the group to fall into a dream state together. This is where reality begins to bend, as sounds and spoken word come through the headphones, smells drift by, and the air moves (or does it?).

Each show runs for 30 minutes, at various times from Tuesday to Sunday.

More information and tickets here.

Additional reporting by Ellen Morgan and Elizabeth Flux