Am / Amma / Ma Maram at Pica

Fri 4th August, 2023 – Sun 22nd October, 2023
West End Gallery, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA)
51 James Street, Perth
Inspired by the life and experiences of the women who came before her, Meanjin artist Sancintya Mohini Simpson is exploring memory, migration and intergenerational trauma with her inaugural Western Australian exhibition.

Sancintya Mohini Simpson’s first solo show in Western Australia tells the stories of her matrilineal heritage. A first-generation Australian, Meanjin (Brisbane)-based Simpson descends from a line of “bonded” Indian labourers who were sent to work on sugar plantations in the British colony of Natal, South Africa, in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Using materials common to these places, like sugarcane and mango, Am / Amma / Ma Maram details Simpson’s family journey. And through a combination of paintings, sculpture, poetry and scent, she explores the complex themes of intergenerational trauma, memory, migration and healing.

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