Even if you don’t know who John Williams is, you’ve heard his work. Same for Hans Zimmer and Ramin Djawadi.

Between them they’ve composed some of the most iconic film scores of the modern-day screen including for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones and Final Fantasy.

This month, music and pop-culture diehards can hear these scores live when the West Australian Symphony Orchestra presents A Symphonic Tribute to Comic-Con.

“It’s a chance to see the music from your favourite shows, movies or games in a really different way”, says WASO spokesperson Luke Pownall.

“This kind of thing is very big in America, but it’s never been done before in Australia. We want to bring something special to audiences, and our conductor, Christopher Dragon, loves to have a bit of fun with it to make it memorable.”

Dragon, famous for donning a T-Rex suit while conducting the score to Jurassic Park, is a Perth boy done good who learned his craft at WASO. Despite being just 28 years old, Dragon is already the associate conductor of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

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The two-hour performance is one of Dragon’s favourite’s; he’s conducted similar tributes with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. With Comic-Con looming (it’s in June) the timing was perfect for WASO to have a little fun with a performance not often seen outside of the USA.

Other than making allusions towards a surprise on stage, Pownall is keeping tight-lipped about what guests can expect. In the spirit of the event, some members of the orchestra will be performing in costume and concert-goers are invited to follow (superhero) suit.

A Symphonic Tribute To Comic-Con is at Perth Concert Hall on April 13 at 8pm. Tickets are available now from waso.com.au