Be it on the stage or the screen, Lucy Durack’s talent and magnetism has helped her captivate audiences and steal scenes in supporting roles. We follow the actress, singer and podcaster’s story back to Perth, where it all began for her.

She was born and raised in WA, graduating from Waapa (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) in 2002 with a bachelor of arts in music theatre. Durack is perhaps best known for her turn as the original Glinda in the Australian production of Wicked – a role she played for more than three years. She also won a Helpmann Award playing Elle Woods in the debut Australian production of Legally Blonde.

On the silver screen, Durack has had starring roles in a series of homegrown Netflix series, including Sisters, The Letdown and A Perfect Pairing. And she’s done the requisite rounds on Neighbours and the local talent show circuit, appearing as a judge on Australia’s Got Talent as well as the Cactus on The Masked Singer.

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Durack – who apparently wasn’t busy enough with her thriving career and two children – also hosts a podcast called I Love (With Lucy). (The name is a nod to another multihyphenate leading lady.) The feel-good podcast – whose second season kicked off yesterday – features fortnightly interviews with actors, comedians, journalists, chefs and composers, including some of Durack’s former co-stars.

Durack tells Broadsheet what makes her homesick for Perth, the theatre she still finds magical, her favourite spot to eat with her dad, and essential Perth songs.

What do you love about Perth?

I love my family, most of whom live there. I love how the sky always feels higher in Perth. I love the dry heat. I love Rottnest Island. I love the Perth city skyline as viewed from Kings Park. I love the Alexander Library. I love Mount Lawley and all the wonderful memories of my time studying at Waapa. I love driving along the never-ending coast. I could go on and on – there is so much to love.

What’s something you miss about Perth when you’re away?

I miss the dry and dependable heat and those still, hot nights, and I miss being walking distance from my family. There was a time in the ’80s and ’90s where my entire extended family lived within walking distance of each other – it was idyllic.

Where’s your favourite place to grab a bite in Perth?

To be honest, my little sister Annie-Rose’s house. She is an amazing cook and homemaker, but it is hard to get a table there if you’re not her sister! I also love going to Odyssea. Having grown up in City Beach, I am so excited there are such lovely places to eat and drink along that magnificent coastline.

What about your favourite place to have a drink?

I love going into Mount Hawthorn or Mount Lawley and enjoying all the cafes and bars they have to offer.

Is there a theatre or live music venue in Perth that you love visiting or performing in?

I made my stage debut in the WA Opera Children’s Chorus for Carmen at The Maj [His Majesty’s Theatre] as an 11-year-old. That beautiful theatre is always so special and magical to me.

What’s one of the city’s most underrated spots?

I don’t know about underrated as much as unassuming, but my dad’s favourite place to eat is Gino’s in Fremantle, and I always have the yummiest meal every time I go there with him. Both Gino’s and my dad are classic Perth institutions.

Is there an essential WA experience?

I think visiting Rotto and swimming at The Basin (or pretty much anywhere at Rotto) is essential.

What about an essential WA song?

I am a huge Birds of Tokyo fan, so it would be a tie between Lanterns and Plans by Bird of Tokyo.

Tell us about someone or something that makes Perth a better place.

My incredible middle sister, Kate, is currently working in WA on the Telethon Kids Institute Inklings program. I was very inspired by their program for babies at six to 18 months who are showing differences in social and communication development. They are helping to give them the best chance at strong communication and social skills, which is such a big and important part of life. And also my mum – she definitely makes Perth a better place too.