Cricket on the TV and in the backyard. Third-degree burns from staying out in the water for too long. The excitement of New Year’s Eve parties and being out every weekend raving. El Hornet (real name Paul Harding), DJ and founder of Perth-born, London-based drum-and-bass outfit Pendulum, harbours many, many fond memories of summer in Perth.

So much so that despite spending almost two decades touring the world playing drum and bass and EDM to packed parties and festivals around the world, he always makes time is his busy schedule to visit family and friends in Perth over the summer.

“I feel really privileged to have grown up in Perth,” Harding says. “It’s a wonderful city and if you’re willing to put effort into enjoying it you will eventually realise there isn’t really anywhere better on earth. I’ve spent the last 15 years travelling the world and at some point I realised where I started my journey was the place I was looking for all along. I think you need to leave for a while to get to that point, though.”

Music, naturally, is a big part of his life with Harding’s tastes spanning everything from punk and hip-hop, to thumping industrial hardcore (fun fact: pre-drum and bass he was the drummer in a punk band). Here are five albums our man will have on rotation throughout the long break.

Snail Mail – Lush
I am absolutely obsessed with this band right now. I saw the cover for this record at Nerds Records in Tokyo and listened to it on a whim having never heard of Lindsey Jordan or her band before. Absolutely amazing teen relationship angst meets Sonic Youth meets 2018. She’s badass.

Cursive – Vitriola
It’s terrifying to think that I’ve been listening to Cursive records for almost my entire adult life. It’s been six years since their last album and I was giddy when this new LP appeared. Tim Kasher is right up there with [Bob] Dylan and the storytelling greats. Relationship woes, self doubt, too many drinks: his words resonate so deeply with me.

The entire Kniteforce and KFA catalogue for 2018
For record number three, I’m going with everything that Kniteforce and KFA put out this year. If you think hardcore, jungle and old school, you think Kniteforce. While dance music moved and evolved through time, for some people it stayed exactly the same. Kniteforce put out about 20 records this year alone, all with the label’s trademark sound of days gone by, but with updated production techniques and ideas. If you love hardcore and jungle from the ’90s as much as I do, you’re about to have your mind blown. Get to the Kniteforce Bandcamp immediately.

Steve Angello – Human
Swedish House Mafia’s Angello really blew my mind this year with his solo album Human. After the Swedes’ epic commercial success, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s a fantastic journey through a landscape of deep techy and almost gothic vibes. It’s absolutely nothing like SHM and that is absolutely wonderful. Standout tracks for me are Lord and Shifter.

Break – Another Way
His new record is quite simply a drum-and-bass masterpiece. He has a very unique sound which isn’t wildly different from his peers but there is something about his production and song writing that is a cut above. This LP features a few vocal collaborators such as MC GQ, Cleveland Watkiss and MC Fats. One for the dancefloor and for the headphones.

Pendulum is playing an Australian-exclusive live set at Origin Fields at Langley Park on December 30 and 31. Tickets available online.