“Photography is a love affair with life.”

So said American photographer Burk Uzzle, one of the youngest shooters to have been hired by LIFE magazine. And he’s right. A keen interest in the world around you is as, if not more, important to a photographer than any piece of kit in her or his bag.

One of the pleasures of my role as editor of Broadsheet Perth is working with many of Perth’s most talented (flash)guns for hire. Their collective vim for photography and the city has produced a stirring body of work capturing the year’s best bits, from celebrating the country’s resounding support for same-sex marriage to so many images of very good, very covetable pizza.

Whittling this collection down to a short list of 20 shots meant leaving a good many images on the proverbial cutting room floor. Still, I like to think this scrapbook of shots not only paints a compelling picture of the year that was, but also speaks volumes of our shooters collective love affair with this city.