Did the recent Classic Flow Yoga awaken your inner yogi? (Or at least inspire a thoughtful savasana – rest – pose this week?). Good news: this weekend there will be more opportunities to take part in free outdoor classes.

Yoga is one of the free activities offered at Saturday’s Wellness by the Water at Leighton Oceanside Park and the adjacent beachfront. Tai chi, meditation classes, sessions from Core Fitness Personal Training, surf lifesaving and bike servicing are among the other free sessions being hosted by Mirvac, a property developer behind various apartment projects in the area.

The yoga classes will be taught by Ava Irani, of Fremantle’s Spanda Yoga School, who already runs free Monday night outdoor yoga classes at Leighton. Although she has been teaching for years, she says she only recently came to appreciate the benefits of outside practice. This Saturday she will host two gentle-flow community classes where the focus will be on attitude and awareness rather than the asanas (postures).

“These classes are not about technical improvement,” Irani says. “It’s about letting go, learning to go with the flow and being okay with whatever arises. The whole morning is more than just the yoga, too, it’s about relaxation, spending time with family and friends – a holistic approach.”

Participants of all abilities are welcome and can come in anytime during the classes. Children are also welcome. In addition to free classes and sessions, HBF will run free health checks and massages, while Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club will run beach activities from 9.30am.

Wellness By The Water is on Saturday February 25 at Leighton Oceanside Park. Free activities run from 7am–11am. Bookings for the yoga classes are not required, but participants are asked to bring a yoga mat.

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