It doesn’t matter how fit you (think you) are: classes at LA Fit will leave you shaking and drenched in sweat. They’re also a bunch of fun.

Example: when M People’s ‘Moving On Up’ starts to pump through the speakers, the instructor in my Ride class urges us all to sing along. For a dedicated Spin and Cycle enthusiast like me, who knows all the songs and moves at my (current, outdated) gym, this change-up is a pleasant reminder of how much fun a bike class can – and should – be.

Offered exclusively in LA Fit’s new Highgate studio, these Ride classes are inspired by similar cardio classes in Los Angeles with unpredictable playlists and exercises. It’s as much a dance party on a bike as it is a cardiovascular workout.

“People take it at their own tempo, so there’s no need to tell them to rest and take a moment, because they will if they need to,” says Zac Gower, one of LA Fit’s Ride instructors. “It allows people to rise to the occasion and push themselves even more.”

The new classes complement LA Fit’s existing Lagree offering. A mix of Pilates, cardio work and strength training, Lagree is an exercise system that can burn more than 800 calories in a single 45-minute workout. At the heart of the system is the Megaformer, a machine that combines resistance and counter-resistance training.

What are the Lagree classes like? As someone who lacks core muscles, I found it a challenge. I had to pause often and may or may not have come embarrassingly close to falling off the machine. But after I found my balance and got into a groove, my stability improved with each move. (Pro tip: wearing Lagree socks gives users extra grip on the machine). By the end of the class, my legs were burning and my core was trying desperately to switch on.

There isn’t much dedicated “rest time” in Ride or Lagree classes. Short and fast-paced, they’re focused on building endurance and core strength and are effective ways to sculpt a lean and toned body. If you want to experience a taste of both, consider the MegaRide: it’s a 50-minute combination class, meaning users get the best (and worst) of both exercise systems.

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