At 12.01am Tuesday July 6, Perth and Peel’s post-lockdown interim restrictions eased. Though some lessened (updated) restrictions have taken effect and will remain in place until 12.01am July 12. Here’s what’s you need to know.

Do I still need to wear a mask?
Masks remain mandatory for indoor public venues, including in the workplace and on public transport. Exemptions apply for medical reasons and primary school aged children or younger.

Masks are no longer be required in outdoor public spaces where physical distancing is possible or when undertaking vigorous exercise indoors or outdoors. Take a mask with you whenever you leave home, to be safe.

Can I have people over?
A 30-person limit applies for private home gatherings. A 150-person limit applies for outdoor gatherings.

Are restaurants open?
Hospitality venues are back open and operating under the one-person-per-two-square metre capacity rule. A 150-patron limit applies for most venues. Stand-up eating and drinking can resume.

What else is open?
Retail, beauty services, nightclubs, public venues and places of worship have all reopened with the same density limits.

What other restrictions have eased?
- Seated entertainment venues (such as theatres, concert halls and cinemas) can operate at a maximum 50-per-cent capacity. This also applies for major stadiums.
- Indoor and outdoor community sport can resume. Spectators will be permitted in line with the 150-person limit and two-square-metre rule.
- Indoor and outdoor fitness classes are permitted and masks mandatory, except when doing vigorous exercise. The two-square-metre capacity rule and 150-patron limit apply.
- Weddings and funerals are permitted with up to 150 guests.

Can I visit family or friends in hospital or aged care?
- A patient in hospital, or a person in aged-care or a disability facility can have four personal visitors per day. Masks are mandatory for staff and visitors.

Can I visit friends and family or holiday in regional WA?
Regional travel is permitted (except to remote Aboriginal communities) with mask-wearing requirements for anyone who has been in the Perth or Peel regions since Sunday June 27. These travellers are now permitted to visit hospitality, entertainment and recreational venues in these regions.

What about interstate?
Pending ongoing health advice, Victoria will be reclassified as a “very low risk” jurisdiction under WA's controlled interstate border from 12.01am this Friday July 9. This means travellers from Victoria will no longer need to self-quarantine for 14 days on arrival or undertake mandatory Covid-19 testing. However, travellers will be required to complete G2G Pass applications and be prepared to undergo a health screening on arrival. All other current classifications for other jurisdictions remain unchanged for now.

When will the remaining restrictions ease?
Following this period of transitional restrictions Perth and Peel will return to pre-lockdown conditions from 12.01am on Monday July 12.

The full list of updated restrictions is available here.