As of 6pm on January 31, the Perth, Peel and South West regions are in a five-day lockdown that will last until Friday. It comes after the state recorded its first case of Covid-19 community transmission since April 2020. A list of exposure sites is available on Healthy WA.

“It’s crucial we act quickly, to keep the community safe,” Premier Mark McGowan said yesterday. “We cannot forget how quickly this virus can spread, nor the devastation it can cause.”

These are the rules and regulations that currently apply in the three locked-down regions.

When does the lockdown end?
6pm on Friday February 5.

When can I leave the house?
Residents are asked to stay at home, with few exceptions including:
• work (if you’re an essential worker)
• to shop for essentials such as groceries, medicine and other necessary supplies
• to access health care
• to provide support and care to someone with particular needs, and other compassionate requirements
• to exercise with only one other person from your household, limited to one hour per day in your neighbourhood

Do I need to wear a mask?
If you’re leaving your home – yes. Masks must be worn at all times outside of your place of residence if you’re leaving for a permitted reason. This includes while outdoors for exercise, on public transport, or indoors at your essential workplace. Exceptions include children under the age of 12, as well as for those for whom masks pose a risk to health and safety. If you’re driving alone, you don't need to wear a mask.

Can I have visitors? Can I visit someone else?
Visitors are not permitted inside homes, unless a vulnerable person is in need of care or there’s an emergency.

Can I leave or enter the locked-down area?
Residents must not leave Perth, Peel or the South West during lockdown. People can only enter the area to access or deliver essential health and emergency services, or to return home. Non-residents currently in the area are required to stay put until the lockdown period ends.

Can I attend a funeral?
Yes – but funerals are limited to 10 people only.

Can I get married or attend a wedding?
Weddings are not permitted.

What counts as an essential business?
The WA government defines essential providers as:
• supermarkets, groceries, bakeries, butchers, fishmongers, fruit and vegetable shops
• indoor or outdoor food markets, but only to purchase groceries (food and beverages cannot be prepared on-site, whether for immediate consumption or takeaway)
• restaurants, bars and cafes (but only to provide takeaway meals or drinks, or a meal-delivery service)
• bottleshops and liquor stores
• pharmacies
• child care or family day-care providers for the children of essential workers
• post offices, newsagencies, petrol stations, hardware stores, financial institutions, consular or diplomatic services

What’s closed?
• schools, universities, tafes and education facilities (term one has been postponed to next week)
• pubs, bars and clubs
• gyms and indoor sporting venues
• playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor recreational facilities
• cinemas, entertainment venues and casinos
• beauty services (including hairdressers, nail salons, tattoo parlours, spas and massage parlours)
• large religious gatherings and places of worship
• libraries and cultural institutions

The Covid-19 situation is evolving in Western Australia and public health recommendations are subject to change. If you have concerns about visiting businesses or public spaces, or questions about lockdown, self-isolation or coronavirus testing, check out the latest updates from