Eight years ago, Emma and Heath Daly opened The Raw Kitchen, Australia’s first wholly raw-vegan commercial venue. This month, the couple has opened what it believes is the country’s first waste-free store.

“We want our business to be a living and breathing reflection of everything we personally believe in,” says Emma. “We want to be supporting, showcasing and making zero-waste lifestyle items readily accessible, beautiful and locally available.”

The Raw Kitchen has been a multi-use and eco-conscious venue from day one and has made use of the ample space in its light-filled former warehouse. Its upstairs mezzanine floor includes a yoga studio and hosts workshops, weddings and functions. The plant-based restaurant and bar is downstairs, as is The Raw Kitchen’s retail store. Although the shop carried an extensive range of organically and ethically produced goods, the zero-waste focus in a new development.

In the lead-up to this month’s launch of Zero, Emma and her sister Leah have carefully scrutinised their existing products and checked for ethical manufacturing practices. They’re also avoiding products that use chemicals and toxins and that are single-use. They have asked their suppliers to swap plastic packaging and styrofoam peanuts for paper and other biodegradable alternatives. So far, all of their suppliers have obliged.

In situations where no better option exists, Zero has made some compromises – the plastic top on a glass spray bottle, for instance.

“We weigh up products that fall into the bracket of potential compromise,” says Emma. “So if it comes wrapped in plastic when we receive an item from a supplier, but someone is going to be using that item for the next 10 years instead of a single-use item, we consider that worth it.”

The interiors have been restyled, too. The expanded retail store is part of an open-plan bazaar with a long, impressive table showcasing pink salt lamps, handmade local goods, eco wares and woven baskets. Despite the new retail direction, all stocked items have the same design and aesthetic sensibilities as before. The range includes home and garden essentials as well as children’s and baby items.

In addition to browsing Western Australia’s largest retail range of waste-free items, shoppers will soon be able to bring their own containers and purchase bulk beauty items and cleaning products.

181 High Street, Fremantle
(08) 9433 4647

Mon to Wed 11.30am–3.30pm
Thu to Sun 11.30am–9pm