Old Faithful Bar & BBQ

11:45am - 10:30pm
86 King Street Perth 6000



dine at the bar
good for groups
open late
takes reservations

Old Faithful shares its name with a geyser in Yellowstone National Park, in the north of the United States. But its menu draws inspiration from the South. The geographical inconsistency may confuse, but Old Faithful’s approach to food is refreshingly pure. This is low-and-slow cooking from the Deep South, no more, no less.

The elks, bobcats and bears of Yellowstone can rest easy – Old Faithful only poses a threat to cows, chickens and lamb. It’s a side effect of the kitchen’s commitment to local producers, which is as steadfast as its adherence to American barbecue technique.

Produce is rubbed, marinated and smoked in-house over the course of a day or more. The result is a flawlessly seasoned, tender cut licked with the flavours of fire. The house platter ($110) represents excellent value, offering a kilogram of meat and enough ‘slaw, potato salad and beans to serve six.

If the house platter is the perfect party starter, the drinks are what keep it going. The focus is on beers, cocktails and a combination of the two, with many cocktails featuring beer syrups.