What the Flip


food truck
no reservations

There are traditional French crepes, and then there are What the Flip! crepes. Named WTF for short, the acronym for this distinctive business couldn’t be more appropriate.

Fillings include popping candy, pink-Himalayan-salted caramel, dill aioli, ginger-maple syrup, wafers and more. These are not your everyday Nutella pancakes. But don’t be fooled. Even with its wacky flavour combos, each and every crepe – sweet or savoury – is made-to-order, ensuring a fresh, hot serve every time. Ingeniously, they come in paper cones, making them easy to nibble on.

Keeping customers on their toes, the guys at WTF! love to create a new menu for every new destination they visit. They can be found all over the place, predominantly at major festivals, events and private parties.