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In the Middle Ages barbers shaved your beard, cut your hair and leeched your blood. In fact the red, white and blue striped pole that signals shops these days had a very specific meaning back then. The red symbolised blood; the white, bandages; and the blue, veins. Barbershops have come a long way since then.

CBD hangout Uncle Joes has re-established the boundaries of your local cutter. Started by Ross and Mark Cain of Head Studio fame, the barbershop/clothing store/cafe has a cult-like following with creatives and men in suits joining the queue in equal measure.

With a travelling trunk, the barbershop is also on the move, making pop-up appearances at festivals and events across the city. Back at HQ, the creative collective features fashion from Highs and Lows, coffee from Micrology, wholefoods from NOOD and sweets from the Bare Baker along with a menu that caters to the busy business crowd.

Sitting back with your roast-beef roll and green smoothie, you can peer voyeuristically at those about to go under the knife in the salon below. At Uncle Joes, the humble barber pole means a whole lot more.

Updated: October 4th, 2017

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