Standing Room Only


notable coffee

Standing Room Only knows its pour-over from its cold brew. It’s an intimate space, all the better for chatting to the knowledgeable baristas and learning something of the mystery that is the perfectly made coffee.

One counter has a series of specialist goose-neck kettles, scales and filtering equipment for pour-overs. This is precision coffee making: a little bit nerdy, but a whole lot of fun. There’s also regular espresso and iced coffee, served with zealous attention to detail to ensure every cup is consistent.

Customers can choose between blended and single-origin beans, courtesy of Melbourne’s Small Batch Roasting Co., including the popular Candyman blend. It’s a moving feast of the best available beans in season, blended to create a sweet, balanced coffee.

If the city feels like too much of a hassle, you could hit up Addison and Steele in North Perth, the owners’ other cafe, where the coffee is no less serious. Otherwise, pick up home-brewing equipment, mugs and beans, then stay in.

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