outdoor area
open early

Josh McGinnity was walking the New York City Highline when he phoned his boss in Perth and resigned. With his brother Ryan, the former architect is now part owner of Hylin cafe. The name of course pays homage to that decisive moment.

The cafe’s linear design bridges the gap between its residential and industrial neighbours. Customers can pull up a stool in front of the kitchen or grab a spot outside. Either way the huge open windows mean everyone has a good seat.

The space is all about supporting locals. Furniture company Made & Voyage specially designed the furniture and lights, local artist Chris Nixon painted the NYC-inspired wall mural and the coffee is from small, independent, local roaster, Micrology Coffee. Even the crumpets come from the Saturday farmers’ market down the road.

The all-day menu means you can grab a New Yorker Reuben bagel on your way to work or pop in for an açaí bowl topped with Prospect Project (West Perth) granola, berries and banana in the afternoon.