Bolt Coffee Roasters

There’s no wi-fi at Bolt, but you will get a good connection. With your mates, that is. Take a seat together on mismatched furniture under a thick canopy of trees. A converted greenhouse with couches provides a sheltered area. Here among nature, you could be a world away from the city.

Owner Steve Lomax cut his teeth roasting for Fiori before going out on his own. He’s not just another small-batch roaster. He’s a true artisan, roasting coffee by sight, smell and sound. On a modified barbeque.

Roasting requires certain heat and time profiles. Lomax found these could be achieved using a specially designed drum over the barbeque’s open flame. This unusual process gives the house blend a robust, distinctive flavour profile that changes subtly with each new shipment of beans. It makes an impressive brew, regardless of which way you enjoy your coffee.

Brownies, tarts and muffins are among the treats in the fridge. Hot snacks such as croissants and pies are also available. On any given day you’ll see local police grabbing a quick coffee; business meetings being held under the trees; parents letting their kids run free; and everyone in between.

Most Saturdays a small band plays on the stage. During the week, the stage doubles as a kids’ play area. If you prove to be a fan of barbequed coffee, bags of Bolt beans are available to take home.

Updated: March 14th, 2018

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