Best Wishes


open early

Guests rather than customers. Daily coffee rather than daily business. And good music. Lots of good music. These are the provisos of coffee enthusiasts Jackson McCutcheon and George Atkins, who want people to feel at home at their cafe, Best Wishes Coffee.

The cafe’s bowerbird menu ranges from vegan Snickers macarons and bagels cradling satay tofu and smashed pumpkin, to bacon-and-egg wraps. Juices from Pressed Daily are regularly stocked and the homemade banana bread is frequently sold-out.

Fremantle baker The Pudding Peddler supplies sweets while Short Order Burgers serves a weekend breakfast burger. Guests can perch on the timber window seating or relax on one of the many small tables along the wall opposite the counter.

They chose Freo for its can-do spirit and progressive arts and creative scene. The cafe hosts exhibitions of work from local artists in a range of practices, including photography and illustrations.