After quitting a 10-year career as a graphic designer, Simone Nabholz wanted to slow down her lifestyle.

“Just like a lot of people, I was running a really fast pace,” says Nabholz. “On the surface of it, there wasn’t any real reason for me to feel sad, but I did. I burnt out in a pretty epic way.”

Inspired by her mother-in-law, she took her first pottery class in March 2015 and the whole process of making with clay helped her to heal. “After a few weeks of doing that, I thought, ‘I can’t think of anything else I want to do right now, so I’m going to keep doing this.’ And from that, Winterwares was born.”

Only a few months after taking her first class, she opened a ceramics studio in Fremantle and it quickly became a full-time career. The studio is located at Stackwood, a creative hub with a mission to encourage a “wholesome” way of living through thoughtful activities. As you walk through the light-filled industrial space and pass the rusted wrought-iron gates, you’ll come to a white door that reads, “Winterwares”.

Inside, you’ll find shelves of unfired and glazed ceramics and a pastel interior carefully chosen by Nabholz. The peaceful atmosphere in the studio is no coincidence. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to slow down.

Nabholz’s range of ceramics includes espresso and latte cups, candles, vases and fruit bowls. The studio is open by appointment and visitors can watch ceramics being made. They can also learn to make earthenware at monthly workshops where Nabholz shares the techniques behind hand-building with clay.

Winterwares has recently begun offering Mindful Making Workshops, which Nabholz says offer similar positive benefits to other forms of meditation.

Winterwares Ceramics Studio
10 Stack Street, Fremantle
0409 670 285