Scoring stylish clothing on an op-shop crawl just became easier following the opening of Perth’s first Salvos Street Boutique. Like Salvos Street Boutiques in the eastern states, this new section of the existing Salvos store in Maylands is stocked with stylish, on-trend fashion.

“It doesn’t look like an op shop,” says stylist and Salvos Stores ambassador, Faye De Lanty. She opened the first Salvos Street Boutique in Darlinghurst 18 months ago and the concept is quickly being rolled out around the country. “It’s all very wearable and eco-chic. There’s lots of spring neutrals, nude colours, good denim, caramels, whites and blacks. Pretty much everything you’d see in fashion on the high street in places like Zara and Top Shop. There’s not too much crazy colour or retro prints.”

De Lanty’s interest in recycled fashion isn’t a show for the cameras. During her early years in England, she’d religiously go hunting in op-shops and second-hand stores for pieces to recreate the looks she’d find in fashion magazines. Her experiences laid the foundation for Fashion Hound, a project designed to help people shop stylishly and sustainably. (“Second hand never has to mean second best,” reads her website).

“It’s about reusing and recycling and being mindful with your fashion,” she says. “People just think op shops are filled with vintage, retro and things you’d get for a costume party, but there’s so much on-trend stuff and beautiful quality. You’d be really surprised. It’s about changing the perception.”

The upcycling ethos isn’t just limited to the clothing with the boutique's fitout featuring old shipping pallets and other recycled materials.

Salvos Street Boutique
Maylands Salvos Store, 203 Guildford Road, Maylands
(08) 9272 3851

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