Large, new apartments are rare in the western suburbs, making Eden Floreat a sight to behold. The luxury development, by Edge Visionary Living and Hillam Architects, combines ageless style and resort-style amenities against the backdrop of Perry Lakes Reserve and Bold Park.

There’s a mix of apartments, townhouses and penthouses, as well as landscaped gardens, a pool, health spa, gym and sun deck – seemingly cut from a tropical-holiday postcard.

Eden will be accessible to the public as part of Open House Perth on November 11–12. Whether for inspiration or general curiosity, you’ll get two windows of opportunity to take a look around.

The building is one of 104 of Perth’s most interesting spaces available to view for free, which includes 35 new additions to this year’s program. Open House Perth creative director Carly Barrett says the not-for-profit initiative has facilitated more than 200,000 visits since it launched in 2011.

“Every year the event presents new challenges and opportunities,” Barrett says. “Whether you like a particular building style doesn’t matter because good design is something that transcends time and style. You can feel like a tourist in your own hometown, be inspired for future projects or appreciate the wealth of local design talent WA has to offer.”

The Open House initiative started in London in 1992, founded by a group of architects to promote and celebrate quality design. It has since spread to Europe, Australia and North America.

More than 50,000 people are expected to visit Perth’s range of rooftops, heritage buildings, skyscrapers and private residences over the weekend.

Eden Floreat is open 11am-3pm Saturday November 11 and Sunday November 12

Eden Floreat
1 Finishline View, Floreat

Open House Perth is on November 11–12 at various locations around the city. Visit for the full program and details.

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