Meet Aggie. She’s 60 centimetres tall, looks like a character out of Astro Boy and knows 19 languages (when she speaks in English, she sounds a little like Dora the Explorer). She’s also the world’s first humanoid robot art-gallery guide and spends her days leading tours at AGWA, the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Although Aggie can be deployed throughout the gallery, most of her time will be spent in the newly opened Imagination Room, a space dedicated to hosting family workshops and discussion of the AGWA program.

“She’s an excellent tool for providing a different perception of what we do,” says AGWA director Stefano Carboni. “Our motto is ‘See Things Differently’. I think this is one of the most obvious things we’re doing differently.”

In addition to the Imagination Room, the gallery has unveiled three other new spaces: the Wesfarmers Micro Galleries, the multimedia Nano Galleries and AGWA’s first sound-focused gallery, the Rise Sound Gallery.