Perth native Phoebe Jones admits she was playing on the relationship between yoga, spirituality and religion when she and fellow yoga teacher Lara Dwyer named this weekend’s Sunday Church event in Fremantle.

“We are using all the puns,” says Jones from Sydney, where she now lives. “We really aim for people to get that sense of joy and wellbeing the practice can bring, through invoking a sense of mood and space with gospel and soul music.’’

Nina Simone, Marion Williams and the Temptations are all on the Sunday playlist, and ideas around reunion and sermon are woven throughout to, as Jones says, “reflect the sense of union that love and community bring when we come together to move, dance and enjoy music”.

Jones, a former Lululemon ambassador, completed her yoga teacher training in Byron Bay and has been teaching vinyasa-style yoga for six years. Dywer, who runs Sukha Yoga in Perth, has completed more than 500 hours of training at Laughing Lotus in New York, so attendees at Sunday’s event can expect a diverse, joyful practice. This event is also a reunion; the pair once ran a one-off class on the roof at MANY6160.

Views on the use of music in yoga vary. Some teachers believe it’s a distraction from the mind-body connection created in the class. Others see it as a useful tool to supplement the philosophy behind the teaching. Despite the differing opinions, the popularity of studios such as Sydney’s Yoga 213 and the success of PIAF’s recent Classic Flow event suggests the combination isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“If it’s intentional and thoughtful, music can be the most incredible tool for yoga,” says Jones.

Sunday Church is on Sunday May 7 at Stackwood (10 Stack Street, Fremantle). Tickets can be purchased online ($30) or on the door ($35).