Lara Zilibowitz is a busy lady. Taking time out of her preparations for the Perth debut of Classic Flow Yoga, her collaboration with ABC Classic FM, she apologises for her scratchy voice on the phone.

“It’s been a big start to the year and I know I’m doing a lot,” says the Sydney-based yoga teacher. “One of the biggest challenges is to practice what I preach. There are big opportunities all the time but you need to stay true to your values, and that’s a process of practicing every day.”

One of those big – and highly successful – opportunities has been her work with the ABC combining yoga and music in podcasts and live concerts. This weekend, Classic Flow comes to the University of Western Australia as part of the Perth International Arts Festival.

In its online iteration, the Classic Flow podcast series sets yoga instruction to classical soundtracks. Guided meditations are also offered. Free to download, it’s a good example of the democratisation of fitness and health as well as its increased accessibility. For the live event, organisers are hoping to create a sense of communal wellbeing.

“It’s that combination of being far away while being present that both music and yoga can bring that I hope we will get on the day,” Zilibowitz says. “The body becomes like a big ear; it’s 90 minutes of going deep inside and listening to what it has to say. It’s my hope this is a moving, special experience.”

Zilibowitz says the classes will be suitable for people of all ages and abilities and will use simple postures to create a deep sensory mediation. A single cellist and pianist will accompany the class and West Australian Young Voices will sing along to the final Savasana pose.

The series was developed by the ABC’s Ramona Curmi, and PIAF’s Sydney-based classical music program associate Yarmila Alfonzetti, who also practices at the studio where Zilibowitz teaches.

Alfonzetti says the classical music will be matched to the flow of each pose. “The music adds a whole other element,” she says. “A slow pose may be accompanied by a long passage from Bach. Much of the music will be familiar to people.”

Zilibowitz has taught yoga for five years and been practising for double that time. Having studied tantric philosophy, she says her focus is on living in the moment.

“That’s something that will really guide the whole class too,” she says. ‘‘Every moment of life is an invitation to revelation, to being fully present, You can do it in the car, listening to music, walking down the street. You can enjoy every moment.”

Classic Flow Yoga is on at Winthrop Hall Gardens at UWA (35 Stirling Highway, Crawley) this weekend, February 18–19, 7am–8.30am. Attendance is free, on a first come, first served basis. Register your details here.

Lara Zilibowitz

ABC Classic Flow