Pastry chefs Kelsie Culpan and Laura Metcalf shared a workbench during their patisserie studies at university – and realised they shared a vision when they ended up working together at an Auckland cafe years later.

This week they’ve launched their own thing – an online micro-bakery named Mor. It works with a by-delivery model, which means you can order their handmade croissants and danishes to several postcodes around Auckland.

The business sprouted out of a passion for the craft of patisserie and viennoiserie – and a desire to strike out on their own. Straight after uni, Culpan and Metcalf went their separate ways; Culpan to London, Metcalf to Melbourne.

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After baking at several well-known hospitality businesses between them (including Lily Vanilli in London and Rustica, Baker D. Chirico and Austro in Melbourne), they both returned to Aotearoa and found themselves in the kitchen together again – this time at Remuera cafe Knead on Benson.

“As soon as we got into the kitchen together we were like ‘We need to be doing our own thing’,” Culpan tells Broadsheet. “We just work so well together – we have the same vision and our standards are the same.”

The online ordering and delivery model is a clever way of getting around any risk associated with opening a brick-and-mortar location, with the duo working out of The Kitchen Collective’s commercial kitchens in Glendene, West Auckland.

You can order pastries 48 hours ahead for delivery Thursday to Sunday – or pick them up if you’re outside the delivery zones. Currently, there’s a choice of plain or almond croissant (which takes a minimum of 48 hours to make, start to finish), pain au chocolat, and seasonal danish. The first buttery danish iteration is topped with a dollop of buttermilk custard and a lightly spiced, sliced poached pear with a mānuka glaze. Order a box of four or six pastries, or a mixed box to try them all.

“Our whole ethos is a fresh take on the classics,” says Culpan. So, while you’ll find well-known favourites, they might have a less conventional ingredient worked in there – things like tonka bean, different spices or creams and custards infused with fig leaves are all on the duo's list to incorporate. They’ve also been trialling several different, New Zealand-milled flours.

In the near future, they plan to hold pop-ups and sell their pastries at local markets. They’re enthusiastically giving Mor their all, as now it's a full-time job for both of them.

“We wanted to put all of our love into this,” says Metcalf, “because we feel like that changes the product as well.”

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