“We’re most excited to make our pastries and see them being enjoyed straightaway.” Laura Metcalf, pastry chef and founder of Auckland micro-bakery Mor, is talking about the new shop she’s opening with co-founder Kelsie Culpan.

It’s the first bricks-and-mortar store from the duo, following a successful year of delivery and pop-up events. “Delivering them to people’s doors didn’t give us that satisfaction,” Metcalf continues, “and there’s nothing better than a fresh pastry straight out of the oven.”

Located at 158 Remuera Road and opening this Saturday, the shop will stock Mor’s famously flaky pastries – including the popular almond croissants and fruit-topped rosettes – along with cakes, slices and biscuits, depending on the day.

They’ll also serve sandwiches and toasties on bread that’s made in-house or sourced from Florets, as well as Supreme coffee.

The pared-back space features a large timber cabinet, earthy wall tiles and ample natural light, with outdoor tables and a small bench window area for customers to sit and enjoy.

The duo are excited to expand their offerings with this evolution. With a fully equipped on-site kitchen (mostly inherited from the previous owners, Jess’s Underground Kitchen), they’re free from the limitations of their previous delivery model.

Metcalf and Culpan have been friends since their patisserie studies at AUT, and gained separate experience at the likes of London’s Lily Vanilli and Austro in Melbourne respectively.

Since launching in August 2022 from a commercial kitchen in West Auckland, Mor has gained a devoted following for its skilfully crafted treats with creative, seasonal flavour combinations – such as mandarin, ricotta, and elderflower; or chocolate and fennel caramel.

“We’ve always dreamt of having our own place, but we weren’t sure how people would respond,” says Metcalf. “We’re grateful that we followed this path because it has allowed us to build strong relationships with our suppliers. We’ve had loads of nice messages from our customers about the opening.”

“We’re excited to expand our team and provide a nice place for someone to work,” adds Culpan.

Mor’s new shop is open four days a week until sold out, and the team will continue supplying pastries to Florets on Saturdays, as well as Cazador Deli on Dominion Road. Metcalf and Culpan will also offer customised catering.

Their passion for their craft is on full display in Mor’s new home, where they start work in the early hours of the morning. “Typically, we don’t begin baking before 3am, but that can change for catering. Ideally, we’d like to start at around 4am,” says Metcalf. Culpan laughs and adds, “Yeah, 4am is the dream.”

Mor Bakery opens at 158 Remuera Road at 10am this Saturday, July 29.

Mor Bakery
158 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland
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Weds to Fri 7am-2:30pm or until sold out
Sat 8am-2:30pm or until sold out