When it launched in 2019, Baina filled a niche for luxurious yet accessible towelling that means your bathroom can look as stylish as the rest of your home and wardrobe.

Co-founders Bailey Meredith and Anna Fahey have built a sizable following for their 100 per cent organic cotton towels covered in chic, timeless designs – and now they’re expanding the range with the launch of Baina’s first bathrobes today.

The Sulis Bath Robe (NZ$275) is made from the same Global Organic Textile Standard-certified cotton as the company’s wider range, that includes bath sheets and mats, beach towels and face cloths. Its streamlined shape reaches below the knee and it has long sleeves, pockets and a waist tie.

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It’s available in two finishes that are recognisably Baina: the creamy, ivory wiggle jacquard with its wavy, indented design, and the Tabac Noir brown and black check. Both prints were among the brand’s earliest and are still among its most popular.

Baina’s founders tell Broadsheet they developed the fit over roughly 18 months. “We knew what we wanted, and we subtly refined and tweaked the robe over time. It has been a slow and thoughtful process.”

The robe is intended for a neat but relaxed fit, one that ideally will capture a range of shapes and sizes while maintaining a clean, fluid silhouette.

It was important to the duo to be able to serve their customer in another area of the bathing space – as they put it, “extending those moments that begin and end each day”.

The intention behind Baina is about more than its products and the physical comfort of wearing its robes or wrapping yourself in its towels – it’s about choosing something made from sustainable fibres, enhancing your bathing experience and carving out time for yourself. “We wanted to deliver a robe that considered this modern sense of comfort – from every angle.”