Forget buying a suite of products to keep your home presentable and pristine. Everdaily’s cleaning solution – the Ever Concentrate – can clean almost every square inch of your home when mixed with water. Think surfaces, dishes, bathrooms, windows and even your laundry.

“It is one product that can do it all,” says Auckland-based co-founder Claire Whitehouse. “You’re not having to have a bathroom cleaner, a multipurpose cleaner and a glass cleaner; it’s all-purpose and multi-use … Something that [is] there for you on the daily.”

Whitehouse, alongside friend and colleague Julie Donaldson (also based in Auckland), knows how to take something from inception to the shelves. Both work in the beauty industry full-time, specialising in new product development, with Everdaily as their side hustle.

The blueprint for their sustainable “cleaning hero” was dreamt up while the pair were shut away indoors amid Auckland’s Covid lockdowns, and launched in June 2021. “The idea came from the ‘ever daily’ tasks that seem like they’re never going to end,” Whitehouse says. “We wanted to find a solution that was ‘less is more’ and declutter.”

Made here in New Zealand, the Everdaily formula is a concentrated combination of plant- and mineral-based surfactants (surface-acting agents). It comes scented with mandarin and basil essential oils, or you can get a neutral fragrance-free, allergy-friendly option.

Following the guidelines printed clearly on the side, you simply add tap water to the refillable bottle (made with 100 per cent recycled plastic) and top with Ever Concentrate. For example, it’s one part concentrate to 10 parts tap water (1:10) to make the Everything Spray. Or, one part concentrate to five parts water (1:5) for the Bathroom Cleaner. The concentrate on its own (1:1) is ready to use on dishes or laundry.

The company’s claim to fame is that one bottle of the one-litre concentrate can make up to three bottles of multipurpose spray, two bottles of bathroom cleaner and two bottles of glass cleaner, along with 50 sinks’ worth of dishes and 20 loads of laundry.

“I decided if this was going to work, I needed to put all my cleaning products away and never bring them out again,” says Whitehouse. Safe to say she hasn’t.

To cut through tougher grease and grime in harder-to-clean areas like an oven, Whitehouse says you can look to your pantry and mix a paste using the concentrate with baking soda.

The pared-back branding by Marx Design is devoid of any loud slogans or neon colours, lending the bottles to being proudly stored out in the open if that’s most convenient for you.

“It was important to have a product that I could have in my bathroom on the windowsill or the vanity and not look like it was a cleaning product,” says Whitehouse.

Next up, Everdaily is introducing a foaming handwash formula, complete with a glass bottle, in the coming months. “Because if there’s one thing that’s ever daily, it’s handwash,” she says.