Poly is one of Sydney's most exciting eateries, consistently serving wildly creative dishes alongside a bold and diverse selection of wines. And now you can eat its delicious creations in bed, in front of the TV or even from a bathtub if you’re so inclined.

The elegantly cool Paramount House Hotel has launched room service, drawing on two of the venues within its inner-city Surry Hills complex: the bar/restaurant hybrid Poly and the hotel’s sister cafe Paramount Coffee Project. The food, which arrives promptly, is served in metal tiffin canisters, and if you order a bunch (you will, it’s hard to resist), the wait staff will attach scarves to the tins so they can loop them over their arms to transport to your room more easily.

Russell Beard, co-owner of Paramount House Hotel and the Paramount Coffee Project, says the in-room dining service was launched so people could spend more time enjoying the rooms. It makes sense – they are beautiful and it feels silly to only enjoy them when you have your eyes closed.

The hotel’s 29 rooms encapsulate contemporary design, with terrazzo tiles, French linen sheets, Aesop amenities, Seljak woollen blankets, artwork curated by Chippendale’s China Heights and plenty of plants. Some have balconies, two levels or timber Japanese-style tubs. But, importantly, they all now have phone-line access to two of the city’s best eateries.

From Poly you can order a hot-smoked lamb roll. For hotel guests only, it comes with “chips” – they’re more like planks of fat potato, fried golden on the outside, fluffy on the inside – and a caesar salad of sorts. A light meal it ain’t, but while watching HBO’s Chernobyl it’s as distracting as the show is terrifying.

“When creating the menu, we were trying to imagine comfort food that people would like to eat on nights in – hence the [lamb] burger and [cheese] toastie,” says head chef Mat Lindsay, also of Ester.

“But we also loved the idea of the tiffins, and these have three levels which we wanted to fill. So we took a sort of ‘bento box’ approach, filling each tiffin with combinations you might be able to order separately off the menu at Poly to create a well-rounded meal in each tiffin.”

For example, one has half-a-dozen oysters, pickled mussels and octopus served with house-made salty crisps and, in the bottom tin, two toast fingers topped with anchovy and some kind of creamy whipped butter (so good).

The menu will change each month, like they do it in the basement bar, but the toastie and the soft salted caramels will stick around for a while. Due to licencing laws you can’t order any of its amazing boozy drinks, but the rooms’ mini bars have that covered. There are pre-mixed bottled cocktails by Melbourne's very fine Everleigh bar, wine by South Australia's Yetti and the Kokonut and beer by Sydney's Yulli's Brews, among other alcoholic beverages.

For breakfast you can do it all again, ordering from the cafe this time. We’ll have the BKE roll (bacon, kale, garlic scram and barbeque sauce on a milk bun), an Earl Grey tea and maybe the vanilla malt milkshake. It’s enough to make us want to book our next staycation.