It’s the dead of winter and you’re dreaming of standing on an island in the Maldives, staring out at turquoise water while the warm sand sinks beneath your toes. Or maybe your mind is drifting to a secluded town in Italy, where you’ve just been served a steaming bowl of pappardelle with ragù. Or hiking through the wild, green forest of Uganda, waiting quietly for a glimpse of some mountain gorillas.

Whether you harbour fantasies of climbing icy mountains or drinking beachside cocktails, the ethical tour operator G Adventures have you covered. And in partnership with Broadsheet they are offering you the chance to win a G Adventures tour to the value of $3000 (plus flights to the value of $2000).

Since 1990, G Adventures has worked closely with communities to provide travellers with unique travel experiences. The organisation’s driving force is promoting responsible tourism; working closely with local businesses, services and people to ensure travel dollars stay in the local economy.

As for choosing which destination you prefer, there’s quite literally a tour for any type of traveller – guided trips through bustling cities or dense wilderness, challenging hikes, and slower-paced excursions, across all continents. There are over 700 tours on all 7 continents to choose from! There’s a seven-day wellness tour in Iceland involving soothing hikes, meditation and a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon. There’s a guided tour of the Inca Trail packed with cultural experiences along the way (read our own writer’s account here). You could take a 7-day sailing tour of the Maldives or an excursion of Italy’s ancient sites, stopping by small towns for cooking lessons with the locals along the way, or embark on a special Jane Goodall Collection Tour, in search of endangered wildlife.

The winner of this competition is Alison L.

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This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with G Adventures.