If you’ve ever found yourself lurking around an airport lounge looking for a power point – or in a contortion trying to reach the plug once you’ve located it – you’ve probably considered buying a portable charger for your travels. But many of the options on the market are clunky (read: heavy) and still require a tangle of cords to function.

Snap Wireless’s Power Pack Universal is the ultimate travel charger. Weighing just 276 grams (because every gram counts when you’re packing carry-on), it's a compact solution to charging on the go, as well as plugging in once you reach your destination.

Even though your phone might function fine on the daily, travel tends to suck the juice from our devices pretty quickly. From digital boarding passes to Google Maps and playlists that make long-haul flights a little bit more bearable, we’re increasingly reliant on our devices.

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The Power Pack Universal is designed to streamline your travel tech by offering built-in lightning and USB-C cables to charge Apple and Android devices, as well as a wireless charging option for compatible Qi-enabled items – this includes any smartphone that’s iPhone 8 or later, Samsung Galaxy S6 or later, or Google Pixel 4 or later. The battery capacity is 10,000mAh @3.7V (37Wh), which translates to roughly two full charges for a smartphone, depending on the model.

Interchangeable power adaptors will keep you connected in North America, Japan, China, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Europe. There are also additional ports for USB-C and USB-A cords so you can leave power supplies for your laptop, tablet and even some electric toothbrushes at home and rely on the Power Pack Universal to charge multiple items at once.

High school friends Mark Johnston and Michael Wang founded Snap Wireless in 2017. The Adelaide brand now counts more than 170,000 people from 83 countries in its customer base and has reportedly sold more than 63,000 units of its Power Pack Universal in the past six months.

Travel tech hacks – like using an Apple Airtag to mitigate lost luggage and investing in accessories to make life on board a little more comfortable – are the answers to staying sane and avoiding airport anxiety on your next trip.


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