If you’ve ever wished you could flick a switch and put yourself on airplane mode, the folks at QT Hotels understand how you feel. On average, Aussies spend more than three hours a day on their devices – about 45 days a year. So to help its guests disconnect, QT Hotels is offering a Power Down Package where guests will hand over their devices to hotel staff for a full 12 hours.

“Our guests lead insanely busy lives and often wear multiple hats – whether it be in their work or home life – so we created Power Down as a chance to truly log off and be rewarded for doing so,” QT Hotels’s culinary director at event hospitality and entertainment Adam Petta tells Broadsheet via email.

The Power Down Package, available for stays in select rooms at any QT hotel across Australia and New Zealand, lets you switch off physically and mentally by handing in your devices and getting a little bit of rest and relaxation in return. And if the thought of handing over your beloved phone feels like chopping off a limb, that’s probably a sign that a detox is a good way to go.

“We are aware that wellness means different things to different people,” says Petta. “For me, wellness is equal parts being present, and fuelling my body and mind with the right nutrients to be at my best.”

The idea is that you’ll be able to find something that helps you unwind, be it in your hotel room, or in the bar or restaurant.

In-room dining options include a complimentary nourishing bowl from a choice of three: The Sea and Omega Bowl comes with sushi rice, miso-glazed salmon and wakame-coriander-mint salad; the vegetarian Essential Clean Tummy Bowl is made with broccoli, edamame, zucchini noodles and orange dressing; and the Ferment and Nourish Bowl has black wild rice, smoked hummus and vegan falafel. If wining and dining is more your idea of relaxing, then enjoy an in-room cheese platter and a complimentary glass of wine or cocktail from the bar.

Also included in the experience is a bag full of heath-focused products. You’ll receive a bottle of The Beauty Chef’s Glow Powder – a powdered blend of bio-fermented and probiotic superfoods such as queen garnet plum, macqui berry and nutrients such vitamin C and zinc, which aims to improve your skin and gut health. You’ll also get a giant tea bag, courtesy of Addition Studios. Its not for drinking, though – the Bath Brew Giant Tea Bag contains a calming mix of herbs such as tea tree, lavender and rosemary for the bathtub for a relaxing, remedial soak. A Lululemon yoga mat is also included, so you can practise your downward facing dog in the privacy of your room, or head out to a nearby yoga class. Rounding out the goodie bag is a pack of Luv Sum protein balls.

The package is available until October 14, 2020 in selected rooms at QT Hotels in Sydney (from $310), Melbourne (from $409), Bondi (from $360), Canberra (from $249), Gold Coast (from $279), Perth (from $264), Queenstown (from $389) and Wellington (from $249).

Not being able to Instagram your stay may seem difficult, but you’ll get your phone back at 7am – plenty of time to get a great shot of your room before you check out.