Rustling up mates for a group dinner down the road can be a pain. So the idea of coralling those different personalities and quirks on a group holiday trip sounds like a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be. Here’s our guide to a few simple ideas to adopt when on the road to make sure the focus stays firmly on fun.

Shared docs are your friend
Now you’re not sitting in front of your office computers anymore, it’s a bit harder to access that email chain with everyone’s details on it. Refer to a master Google doc featuring each person’s bank details, contact information and any other notes that help while on the road – who’s vegetarian? Is there anyone who can’t drive? Is there a diabetic in your crew? What’s the general day-to-day itinerary and addresses and contact details for accommodation? Phones go missing and people forget. Let a shared doc be the group brain.

Split costs in the one the spot
Here’s a way to split costs as well as make sure no one’s out of pocket because Fiona never pays anyone back. Jetstar’s FareShare service allows a group to select “split booking” when purchasing tickets online. It means one person can make a group booking and add in everyone’s details and Jetstar will hold that booking until everyone pays up. There’s a $5 FareShare fee and those flights will be held for 48 hours to give your friends time to sort their finances out. Handy to know for when the hotel wi-fi is about to dry up.

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Stick to a budget
Keep a daily budget to spend on group activities. Split your coin by food, activities, tours, or just by day. Simple budget tracker apps such as Splittr, Splitwise or Travefy help keep you in line and some even allow you to pay each other directly through the app, nominating how much you owe.

Note: check what currencies are offered with in-app services (Travefy only offers USD transfers). You can also take the old-fashioned route and pay a lump sum into a travel debit card. Give it to an organised pal to hold and take care of any bill-paying awkwardness.

Pin your location
There’s nothing more annoying than having the group split up to explore a new city only to then have to spend another few hours trying to find each other again. Google Maps allows you to pin and share your location with friends so you’re all on the same page (and hopefully the same city).

You can also do this in Facebook group chat, so you can see where each person is at any given time when online. Also handy for redirecting the more geographically challenged of the group.

Live like a local
Renting a large private apartment or house through Airbnb makes for a much more communal environment than separate hotel rooms. Why text endlessly through hotel walls when you can just chat to each other over breakfast? It also has the potential to add new experiences to the trip. In Hobart there might be fewer hotel or apartment options than in Melbourne. Solution? Rent a heritage home in historic Battery Point with your group and live like the locals do.

Have a cooking roster
If you’re trying to save bucks and not especially keen on tracking everyone down to see if Gavin wants vegan noodles yet again, a cooking roster is handy. Task an organised type with shopping, figure out who’s on duty and who’s washing up. Include all this in your itinerary app (Travefy, Combo Trip, etc.) so it’s official – no questions asked.

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