After an alleged plot to bring down a plane was uncovered over the weekend in Sydney, security measures have been ramped up across Australian airports.

This has lead to lengthy delays for domestic travellers. In Sydney, queues spilled out the door at the T2 domestic terminal and onto the footpath this morning.

Passengers taking a domestic flight this week in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide have been advised to check in two hours before to allow enough time to get through the heightened security measures.

Travellers are also being warned they will need to limit both carry-on and check-in luggage to ensure a seamless screening process.

International travellers have been advised to allow three hours before their flight departure time.

“I want to thank the travelling public for their forbearance, having to get to the airport earlier and wait longer to get through security,” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on ABC Radio in Perth this morning. “[Increased security measures] will be required for as long as the threat is assessed as requiring them.”

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Sydney Airport has put on extra staff to manage the delays.

At Melbourne Airport Australian Federal Police officers are patrolling the terminals alongside airport staff conducting random bag searches before the check-in point. The queues in Melbourne have improved since early this morning.

While there have been no significant delays in Brisbane this morning, passengers have been advised to prepare themselves for the heightened security process.

Most flights have been leaving on time despite the delays.

Check your respective airport’s Twitter pages or websites for updates.

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