Not many people call bees “gentle” and “delicate.” Chris Kowalski does. And he believes it. Kowalski rescues hives around Melbourne, and often handles them without a beekeeping suit.

Bees play a vital role in our food systems, pollinating one-third of everything we eat. Kowalski is keenly aware of this. He keeps beehives in places such as churches, schools and hotels around Melbourne and builds beehives with recycled timber. It’s a completely sustainable cycle, that’s also a high-quality one: the honey and honeycomb he harvests ends up in restaurants such as Cumulus Inc. and high-end stores such as Spring Street Grocer.

In this video, we see Kowalski’s passion for bees and how he applies it to the entire process, from building the hive to delivering the honey.

This video is produced in partnership with Asahi Super Dry.