We all need to head far from the city every once in a while, whether it’s a bush camping adventure or a cosy cabin somewhere in between.

But going off-grid means being well prepared in advance, especially when it comes to packing. Whether you’re a solo hiker, half of a scenery-chasing couple or tagging along as part of a group, these are some of the essentials we recommend bringing along with you.

An outdoor-friendly bluetooth speaker

A personalised soundtrack is nothing without a proper bluetooth speaker. Bonus points for bringing a waterproof model – particularly during the summer. And since ideally you’ll be isolated from others, some models even have a boost feature specifically calibrated to sound great in the outdoors. You’ll be thanking your past self when it gets dark and a shared movie night is calling. Or, if your trip happens to fall on a weekend when your favourite sports team is playing, you’ll be the immediate favourite of the group. Just pick out a speaker that is as portable as possible so it won’t weigh you down.

Snacks for in between meals

Don’t taking fending for yourself too seriously – plan ahead instead. If refrigeration isn’t an option, start with a bright array of fruit and throw in some preserved munchables like jerky, chips (whether as common as potato or as playful as jackfruit), dried fruit or seaweed. And trail mix and muesli bars are classics for a reason. If you’re planning a hike or bushwalk, err on the side of packing light when choosing your snack arsenal. Once you’ve done that, it will just be a matter of re-creating great coffee away from home…

Clothing for any weather (and wetness)

Layering is key for quickly adjusting to shifts in temperature. Waterproof clothing and footwear are even better, even if you’re not expecting rain – you never know when you’ll stumble across (or into) a bit of water. Being sun smart is key, but go beyond just the sunscreen and pack long-sleeved and wide-brimmed protection that will keep the direct glare off your bare skin.

Drinks to pair with dinner

Put that wine tumbler (that’s been sitting in the cupboard since you go it) to work by packing a few bottles of wine to enjoy over dinner. Cold Snap Wines make a range of Victorian wines that showcase a cold-climate style. The chardonnay is an all-rounder that pairs especially well with soft cheeses and pesto, while the award-winning shiraz is a medium-bodied pick to accompany a bush-cooked steak. Assorted pinots, rosé and prosecco fill out the range.

Some favourite comfort items from home

Getting out into nature is all well and good, but roughing it doesn’t have to be rough. A soft, downy blanket can be a lot cosier than a sleeping bag. You can even pack some candles to gently increase the ambience beyond the torches if you’re camping – go flameless in a fire ban – and your personal pick of incense can add your own personal vibe to an off-grid cabin. The whole point of getting away is to do what pleases you, so customise your experience to what you enjoy and settle into a leisurely stretch of time without the usual demands and distractions.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Cold Snap Wines. Always drink responsibly.