Broadsheet adheres to the Australian Press Council complaint standards. To submit a complaint, please contact us at

Complaints Process
On receiving the complaint, a member of Broadsheet's staff will obtain any further details which are considered necessary at this stage. The Publisher then decides whether the complaint should not be considered further.

Multiple complaints
Where there are several separate complaints about the same material, the Publisher may decide to involve only one or some of the complainants in further consideration of the material. Where practicable, complainants will be notified individually of that decision and of the final outcome.

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Handling of Complaint
Unless the Publisher decides to discontinue consideration of the complaint, Broadsheet will promptly respond to the complaint by telephone call or email. The phone call and/or email will focus on whether Broadsheet has already taken action in relation to a direct complaint about the material in question or may be willing to consider doing so in relation to the complaint.

If the Publisher decides to discontinue consideration of a complaint, the complainant will be informed accordingly.