Dopamine dressing – the trend towards choosing clothes in colours that promise to boost your mood – has been doing the rounds for the past few seasons. But what happens when you apply this same principle to your home?

For Lauren Roe, founder and creative director of I Love Linen, colour is king when it comes to dressing your bed. And while the space itself and your furnishings will somewhat dictate your linen choice, she believes that there is no wrong colour, as long as it makes you happy.

“Your gut instinct is always right. I love helping people find confidence in choosing colours they are drawn to, rather than being swayed by trends or ‘rules’. Colour is so important because it has the ability to influence us in so many amazing ways,” Roe says.

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Start by thinking about the energy that you want to bring into your space. For a calm, soothing effect, Roe suggests layering neutral tones or adding soft greens into the mix.

“If someone is wanting to walk into their room and feel instantly happy, I would suggest a really beautiful yellow like Daisy,” she says.

Playing with monochromatic colours like black, white or charcoal grey and introducing checks or stripes can bring structure to your space. “Your bed is a pretty focal part of the room and therefore the colour you choose to layer it with is really important,” Roe says.

The brand’s latest launch, Jade, is a jewel tone that offers a sure-fire serotonin spike. Roe was inspired by the treetops that surround her hinterland home when she created this new hue.

But it's not just about what goes on top of your bed that’s worth thinking about. “Don’t underinvest in what goes inside your bedding. There is almost little-to-no point buying nice bedding if it's not going to be matched with something that makes it feel just as good as it looks,” Roe says.

The brand’s Hotel Cloud Collection has been developed to mimic the feeling of five-star stays. The 400gsm quilt inner is the perfect weight for year-round sleep. And it will make your bed look like it's straight off Instagram, too. “I spend a lot of time thinking about the aesthetics of a space but I’m someone who likes to balance form and function,” she says.

When it comes to care, Roe says you should wash your pillowcases and sheets once a week at a bare minimum. “Any pieces that are coming into contact with your body and oils from your hair or skincare products need to be cleaned more regularly.”

Roe also recommends getting your pillows, quilt and mattress topper out in direct sunlight about once per quarter. “You should replace your pillows every 12 to 18 months. People are like, ‘really?’ And I say, ‘Yes, you’re putting your face in it every single day.’ They do have a shelf life.”

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